Pat Testing Partnership based in Maidenhead

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Standard service includes:

  • PAT Certificate
  • Asset Record & Test Results
  • Appliances will be labelled
  • Free Fuse Replacement where necessary
  • Invoice will be issued
  • No Call out Charge
  • The Price is ALL Inclusive and VAT FREE
  • Paperwork is emailed on the Same Day *

To ensure client's immediate compliance.   (* For up to 100 tested appliances - when payment has cleared)

PAT testing from as little as £0.65 per item or Fixed Price at £30 for the first 14 items

Charges on average would be £1 - £2 per item, however this is often discounted for larger quantities.

The price will depend on:
- The type and number of items that need testing 
- The environment where the appliances are used (Office, workshop, etc)
- Location & timing
- How fast the payment is made

The quote is agreed before the start of job and there no hidden extras. 
Please use the below prices for a guidance:

       Minimum Fee is £30 only
       £30 for up to 14 appliances 

***£1.75  for each additional item***

o    £50 for up to 29 appliances

***£1.65 for each additional item***

o  £100 for up to 59 appliances

***£1.50 for each additional item***

o  £150 for up to 99 appliances

***£1.40 for each additional item***

o    £200 for up to 149 appliances

***£1.30 for each additional item***

o    £300 for up to 249 appliances

***£1.20 for each additional item***

o    £400 for up to 369 appliances

***£1.10 for each additional item***

o    £500 for up to 500 appliances

***£1.00 for each additional item***

 2001 to 5000 appliances at £0.65 (for office environment)

5000 and over - price on application

The above prices apply for appliances with 3 Pin Plug

 *** We appreciate your fast payment which will help us to keep our prices competitive ***

Check our Feedback and Book with Confidence and start to the benefit like many of our current clients.

  • FREE Written Simple Risk Assessment for MUSICIANS

  (We will provide your with a Simple Risk Assessment to show to your clients in order to demonstrate that you take their H&S seriously).

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